SOO Mission Expo Venue

636 Goulais Ave

Sault Ste. Marie ONTARIO

P6C 5A7
F: 1-855-202-2274

First Aid

Trained First Aid staff will be on-site to handle minor medical problems.


Exhibitors area will be located on the second floor and cafeteria area of the venue. We encourage you to stop by the Exhibitors during the conference. Please note that the only organizations allowed to distribute materials are those operating booths that have been approved by the SME committee prior to the event. No other material is to be distributed, sold, or posted. If you are interested in hosting an exhibitor's space and would like information on fees and guidelines, please visit the Exhibitors page.

Info Desk

The Info Desk will be the place to visit for event info, lost and found and wheelchair lift key.

SOO Mission Expo Media

All general sessions and workshops will be recorded and available as an mp3 download. All general session messages will be recorded and available as a video file download. Order forms will be available at the info desk and on the website during the weekend. Will be available 2- 3 weeks after the event for download. Professional video cameras and/or recorders are not allowed to be used during general sessions, workshops, or concerts.  Please ensure that you abide by these guidelines.


Are you interested in becoming a volunteer at SOO Mission Expo? volunteers are a vital part of the SOO Mission Expo weekend. Please visit the Get Involved page for details, expectations, requirements, and application form.

Security and Safety

As SOO Mission Expo is held on private property, we will enforce our policies for the safety of all attendees. The grounds are patrolled by a security team. Our guidelines are set for the benefit of everyone who attends. All SOO Mission Expo attendees are expected to cooperate with our policies, staff, and security.

Firearms, weapons (fake or otherwise), alcohol and drugs will not be allowed, at any time at the venue. All offenders will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. During speaking or concert sessions, we ask that you would refrain from disruptive activities. Anyone who is seen exhibiting behavior dangerous to themselves, or to others, will be removed from the arena area. For obvious reasons, bikes, roller-skates, rollerblades, skateboards, water balloons, morph suits, masks, and related items are not allowed inside the venue.