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like's west coast jazz, grandpa to 6 delightful

kids and retired as of June 2016. Passion to teach and mentor the next generation.

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I am a product of world missions.

I grew up in a very orthodox Hindu home in the city of New Delhi India. That city lay in the centre of a wide band of over 400 million (at that time) Hindi speaking people who like me, were almost entirely Hindu. I also belonged to the Brahmin caste, which was, and is to a large extent, considered to be occupying the top rung of the caste hierarchy. While our family was Hindu by birth and our home had the customary altar with pictures of the various gods and goddesses of Hindu mythology, there was no obvious or strong connection between the practice of our religious rituals and the many aspects of everyday life at home and work. 

All through my teen years, my primary interests in life were twofold; excelling in my studies at school (because I wanted to become an engineer) and sports, many of which I played with a close-knit group of 6 friends, none of whom were really interested in any kind of religion. All in all, it is hard to imagine a person more unlikely to hear the gospel message of Jesus Christ or to respond to it if and when he heard it. That time in my life was also long before the people groups of the 10/40 window (which included India) ever became a primary focus of prayer and outreach effort by the worldwide evangelical Christian community.

Meanwhile, unknown to me, God was at work in Canada, a country where I would end up living from the age of 24 to the present (nearly 45 years). God was stirring the heart of a Canadian young man with a deep passion to go to India to share the good news of forgiveness of sins and new life through a relationship with Jesus Christ. As he attempted to share this passion with various congregations and Christian organizations in North America, all he could muster was a short five-minute slot in one particular setting. At the end of that meeting, a woman came up to him with a remarkable offer. She had recently been widowed and left as a single mother of 5 children. In spite of this daunting challenge, she gave her life savings of $2000 (a very large sum of money in the early 50s and even more so considering her circumstances) to this young Canadian. This enabled him to make a two-month journey by boat from New York to India with his family He became the director of Central Asia Youth for Christ and lived in the city of New Delhi. It was in his home on January 11, 1963 that I first heard the gospel of Jesus Christ. A few months later, at a Youth for Christ summer camp up in the foothills of the Himalayan mountains, the Holy Spirit of God stirred in my heart, conceiving new life in me and I became follower of Jesus.

I was in my first year of undergraduate school at that time at the Indian Institute of technology in New Delhi. From the time of my decision to follow Jesus to my graduation in 1967, I was actively involved in the Ministry of youth for Christ. Through an accidental discovery of an old tattered copy of a commentary on the book of Romans by a Welsh evangelical, I discovered a passion and an ability to teach the word of God. In 1967 I came to Boston to study mechanical engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. During this time, I was exposed to excellent teaching and a good mentor through the organization now known as Power to Change. Following my graduation 1969 I moved to Toronto, Canada when I began working with Atomic energy of Canada.

Three things happened over the next couple of years that rapidly accelerated my growth in my faith as well is my calling to teach what I was learning. I discovered the whole field of Christian apologetics, primarily through the writings of C.S. Lewis, Francis Schaeffer and John Montgomery. The study of the Bible, which began with Romans, coupled with my extensive reading in Apologetics thus became a powerful one-two punch, as it were, in my understanding and teaching of the Christian faith. In 1971 I got married and we began worshipping in Rexdale Allaince Church. In the years following, I discovered that marriage proved to be a primary setting in which God accomplishes His work of spiritually transforming us progressively into conformity with the character of Jesus. This, combined with the excellent pastoral teaching of Ross Ingram further accelerated my growth and broadened my ministry, first on the board of finance and then on the board of elders. Little did I know why God had brought us to Rexdale.

In 1980, Pastor Ross Ingram accepted a call to go overseas to plant an Alliance church in England. After much deliberation, the elders of the church invited me to join the staff of the church as preaching pastor. The calling that had begun with the discovery of that commentary on Romans had now sharpened into a ministry of teaching a congregation every Sunday. I have continued doing this for 34 years now with great joy. The congregation and the board of elders of this church have also gladly commissioned and released me for opportunities to preach and teach beyond the 4 walls of this local church, both locally in Canada and globally around the world.

How could I not be a world Christian, seeking increasingly to be hijacked by the glory of Christ and, for as long as I'm physically able to, equipping, motivating and liberating others to keep making the journey from the pew to the nations.